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I'm James.

"Kumusta is the proper Filipino word for "Hello".

I'm a self-taught web developer based in the Philippines with experience in building modern websites and web applications.

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Some of my work.

Projects that I have created or have been part of.

MoveForward PH

MoveForward provides members with buy now, pay later easy installment payments for online shopping . We understand the need for Filipinos to have flexible payment solutions that would help them avail of what they need right now and pay through installments.

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BDO Barter Buddy
Next.js & Strapi·2021·https://bdobarterbuddy.com

BDO Barter Buddy is a web application that helps adventurers barter from the game Black Desert Online - an mmorpg. It also has a marketplace tracker that shows the purchases of premium items in the game, showing what's the top selling premium items by hour, day, week or month.

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Candy Studio PH
Next.js & Commerce.js·2021·https://candystudioph.com

Candy Studio is an e-Commerce website that sells fan-made/k-pop merchandise.

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MFI Payments

MFI payments is an interface for credit card payments for MoveForward PH. It communicates with PayMongo - a payment gateway provider, and allows their customers to checkout using their credit card.

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Versa Two-Way Radios

Versa Two-Way Radios is a radio brand recognized by radio dealers, system integrators, and security dealers due to it’s economical yet superior performance, reliability and service.

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Social Space Coworking

Social Space Coworking offers collaborative co-working spaces designed for ideas to grow. Strategically located at the intersection of 5 major cities in the south, it serves an ideal gateway for start-ups and SMEs targeting the thriving South Luzon and Calabarzon Region in the Philippines.

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Thrive Home Health Agency, Inc.

Thrive Home Health Agency, Inc. is a full-service home health agency that is dedicated to serve and offer the best quality and compassionate home health care.

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My career.

My web development career.

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  • SocialSpace Coworking
  • May 2019 - Feb 2021
  • Web Developer
  • Redkite PH
  • Feb 2019 - April 2019
  • Web Developer
  • Pelago Inc.
  • Feb 2021 - Feb 2022
  • Senior Web Developer
  • Magic Inc.
  • Feb 2022 - Present
  • Web Designer & Developer
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