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I build modern websites and web applications.


I’m a senior web developer currently working at Pelago Inc., where I am part of a small team that develops websites and web applications for clients.

In work, I am mostly involved with Python and Odoo ERP, creating extensions or applications to meet business requirements, integration of third-party APIs like PayMongo and DragonPay to generate sales, and the modification of core modules of Odoo to meet the specific use cases of the team. I also handle releases using docker and general server administration of droplets in DigitalOcean.

I'm a graduate of Lyceum of the Philippines University with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts. I started creating websites in 2017 and I am completely self-taught.

Apart from front-end development, I love to explore new technologies like creating discord bots with Discord.js, currently I'm working on having fun with mobile app development with Ionic/Flutter and React Native. I also do back-end development with Node.js, I use Express.js, Strapi among many things to power the RESTful APIs of my projects.